I applied 100+ times for React jobs but only got rejections! What am I doing wrong?

You worked so hard for weeks, months, maybe even years. You learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. You put in hour after hour in the evenings and at weekends following tutorials and courses by Stephen Grider, Wes Bos, you name them. Everybody says "Build stuff" and you did: Maybe a half-baked Todo or Weather app, a Burger app, or yet another YouToob.

You went all-in for the one goal: a career as a React developer.

But once you start looking for entry-level jobs you realize: This is gonna be frustrating! Not only is there a lack of job listings for junior developers but there's also fierce competition. When you apply you often don't even get a response. Not the slightest bit of feedback to understand what's wrong. It feels like you're throwing applications in a black hole.

At some point you might think about giving up. Is it worth the struggle? Will you ever find a job? You know you could become a valuable developer. After all, you're a hard-working person. And teaching yourself to code shows you have the brains and motivation. If only you could get this daunting first job. After all this time shedding blood, sweat, and tears while learning to code you simply need to find a job. It can't be all for nothing!

At the same time, you read all these success stories by self-taught developers on Reddit or Twitter. Developers without a CS degree who learned React and landed their dream job in no time. It's possible. You know it.

But something is off! Is it your missing experience, your resume, maybe your portfolio projects? You're not aiming to get hired by Facebook or Google. Just a regular yet well-payed job as a React dev. What are you doing wrong? How should you know?

What if you knew how to get valuable feedback so you could become an outstanding candidate?

If you knew how to become an outstanding candidate your life would be so easy. You would start getting replies to your applications consistently. Recruiters would suddenly be interested in you. You would be invited to interviews. Companies would line up for you. You would receive multiple offers and select the one that's the best fit for you.

You would be so relieved, a weight lifted from your shoulders. After all, in this industry the first job is a game-changer. With a bit of experience, you would always find great opportunities. You could finally start building a great career as React developer.

But how should you become an outstanding candidate? You don't get any feedback when your applications are rejected! Even when you ask for it. Just generic messages like "We've decided to go forward with another candidate". How are you supposed to improve?

I can't snap my fingers like a genie and turn you into a miracle candidate overnight. But I can show you the path to turn rejection into intelligence.

Learn how to use rejection to become an outstanding candidate

Even without direct feedback, you can understand a lot about the issues of your applications. Each rejection can give you hints about whether you need to tweak your resume or maybe your portfolio projects.

In this free course, you'll learn a process that can point you in the right direction. You will get an understanding of how the hiring process works behind the curtains.

Paired with simple-to-follow tips about resumes, portfolio building, job interviews, and coding challenges you will have the means to become an outstanding candidate.

What you'll learn in this free course

Here's a short overview of what you'll learn in this free course:

  • how to read between the lines and refine your applications without any direct feedback
  • how the hiring process works behind the curtains
  • how to create a well-performing resume
  • ways to create outstanding portfolio projects
  • tips about coding challenges
  • techniques to boost your performance at interviews
  • how to rethink your approach to applying for jobs

What other developers say about this course

Really enjoying this course! Just practical information without BS

Kate Lupachova

Today's email is particularly enlightening for me and really gives me some sense of direction about what I should be striving toward!

Tom P.

This course is a great plus for self-taught developers who just finished many tutorials and portfolio projects and are about to start looking for a job, eager to get help and tips from seniors. The content is delivered in a practical and delightful way. I was able to follow and implement the tips easily.

Kelvin Liang

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Johannes. I'm a self-taught full-stack JavaScript developer. I took a somewhat complicated route to become a professional programmer. My first baby steps were in Android development in my late-twenties and I moved to web development with React sometime later.

Along the road, I tried to succeed with some "start-ups"... all failed. I picked up my first freelancing job... and didn't get paid. My first job interviews were horrible: I didn't have a clue about professional programming and sucked at technical interviews.

But at some point thanks to my "start-up" projects I had kind of a nice portfolio and gained something you might call "experience".

Since then I didn't have any problems finding new job opportunities. Now I'm working as a contractor. I often can pick from multiple offers. Most importantly I have the luxury and freedom to take several months of vacation each year.

As a contractor, I switch my jobs regularly and have been through lots of interviews. At the same time, I was often part of the hiring process inside the companies that I was working for. I've been on both sides of the table.

I hope I can make your path a bit easier by sharing the experience and insights I gained.

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