You apply and apply... and nothing!

So, you know how frustrating applying for entry-level dev jobs can be. Especially without experience! You apply for lots of jobs but get no response. The interviews you get don't result in offers. You don't know if your portfolio projects are good enough to make up for the lack of experience... or maybe you don't have a portfolio at all? Are you missing some essential piece?

Once you have your foot in the door you'll be fine, you're certain... but you're scared there will never be that first opportunity.

What if you knew exactly how to get the job you desire?

What if you knew what skills you need and how to bring your projects in the best shape to impress your future team? You would be invited to lots of interviews, companies would line up for you.

Well, it's not going to be easy. There's still lots of competition. But there are ways you can stand out of that crowd!

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You'll learn how to walk through the hiring procedures and get a job with confidence.

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Who am I?

Hi, I'm Johannes. I'm a self-taught full-stack JavaScript developer. I took a somewhat complicated route to become a professional programmer. My first baby steps were in Android development in my late-twenties and I moved to web development with React sometime later.

Along the road, I tried to succeed with some "start-ups"... all failed. I picked up my first freelancing job... and didn't get paid. My first job interviews were horrible: I didn't have a clue about professional programming and sucked at technical interviews.

But at some point thanks to my "start-up" projects I had kind of a nice portfolio and gained something you might call "experience".

Since then I didn't have any problems finding new job opportunities. Now I'm working as a contractor. I often can pick from multiple offers. Most importantly I have the luxury and freedom to take several months of vacation each year.

As a contractor, I switch my jobs regularly and have been through lots of interviews. At the same time, I was often part of the hiring process inside the companies that I was working for. I've been on both sides of the table.

I hope I can make your path a bit easier by sharing the experience and insights I gained.